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Welcome to ArmiesArmy new website!


ArmiesArmy is going on holiday! As of the 30th of August, I will be taking a three-week break from the miniatures world to go on holiday. When I say holiday, I actually mean that we will be regrouping for the next forthcoming Autumn campaign! I will be preparing for the Nordic kickoff and quite a large amount of new forces. This will include the Canadians and Dutch and some a large spattering of new Soviet forces!

More importantly I will have a new force....cold war 'Belgium’s' on offer which will include Leos', CVR(T) family, AIFV apc's and the rather cool Kanonenjagdpanzer. Infantry will include the RL-83 Blindicide, GPMG, SLR infantry, Milans and other goodies like the Uzi smg!

All orders before that date will be competed and the shop will be left open, with orders leaving as soon as I am open again on the 20th of September!

If you have any questions please do send me an email or contact me via the contact options. I will answer as quickly as possible.





To be fair not much has changed and that’s good! I do though have a few new additional features including a ‘kick it off’ crowdfunding campaign page and new hobbies page. I’d also like to welcome two new partners the fabulous Ram Company Games, Rooksdown Games and Canuck Miniature’s whom I will be working closely with for several exciting new projects :)

ArmiesArmy provide metal and resin scaled miniatures for hobby gamers and collectors. I aim to have all items out within the week, more often then not I am much quicker:)