4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group

4th mech


ArmiesArmy would like to announce the start of its 15mm 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group ‘KickOFF’ campaign! For about 10 years now I’ve been an avid admirer of the “What if…” scenario that would have NATO Forces and the Warsaw Pack Troops lock horns in multiple engagements all over the world in a hypothetical World War 3. With the growing interest in 15mm Cold War gone hot and actually having a successful range cold war range already I am looking at some of the smaller nations to game with! .

Myself and Canuck Miniatures dreamt up this idea several months ago, however as in all things real life got in the way. I was concentrating on a British Cold war Kickstarter and it was unfair to start another until it was finished. In this time David has moved to different projects, however still needs to be recognised for his original input.

First goal is to raise funds to produce a 15mm range of Canadian Infantry and Armour suitable to field the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group for the Cold War period of 1980 to approximately 1985. Infantry will have the C1 Submachine Gun, FNC1 Rifle and FN/C2 Light Machinegun as well as the Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilless Rifle, m72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon, C5 General Purpose Machine Gun and the 60mm Mortar. The troops will have the ubiquitous M1 Helmet. For the Armour portion I’d like to produce The Leopard C1, M113, and Lynx recce vehicle. I am looking at additions to these vehicles in the form of dozer blades for the C1 and M113 and TOW launcher mount with crewman for the M113 to make an M150.





So how do I plan to accomplish what has been set forth? Kickstarter…? Well yes, sort of! What I aim to do is run my own crowdfunding project and I believe I have the correct tools to do so! I have invested in my own crowdfunding software I’ve named ‘KickOff’ which is in fact driven by the ignitiondeck engine. It will give me and you all the same benefits of the other popular crowdfunded, however using PayPal and its secure payment system. If the project cancels PayPal refunds your money 100%. However, if I fail to reach the full amount I can still make a judgement call on completing the project myself. Probably the biggest benefit is that I don’t have to pay the 10-15% to the company to run it for me and all these costs are passed over to you the supporter! It’s now all fully within my control! .

So how will this work? We will set out our goals with monetary caps to reach for each goal. You as the Backer pledge your money through PayPal on the Armies Army store site. The rewards, goals and total pledges will be displayed with a completion amount and date. It’s just like any other crowdfunding with the exception that you can order any other items from my website as part of it! So if you want to choose a force to fight against, such as my VDV force you can
All funding will be through PayPal and the Armies Army web store. This seemed the most transparent and legally binding option viable to protect all involved.

That I hope answers your questions and lets you know how I plan to get this project completed. If you have any questions I’ll be available to answer them. I, personally look forward to providing you with quality miniatures and Look forward to this being a great success due to you our “Kick OFF!”. Thanks to all and I hope this serves you well!

For further information please click the red ‘learn more’ button below! This will take you to the support page. Alternatively look for my Kickstart how it works page on my website.

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