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Canucks – The Fourth Canadian Mechanised Brigade 1968 – 1993


COLD WAR 3 Rules for Modern WarFare 1960-1990  – PDF download


Canuck! The 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade allows you to field a Canadian force to back up your NATO allies from 1960 to the draw down at the end of the Cold War. Of course, it can also be used to field a Canadian force in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Included are rules for the M-113 Engineer/Assault vehicle, the Canadian family of 6×6 wheeled vehicles such as the Grizzly and the Cougar, the Husky engineering/recovery vehicle, the Lynx Reece Vehicle, M-113 APC’s, M-109 SPG’s, M-150 Anti-Tank vehicles (Tows mounted on M-113’s) and the Leopard 1 and Leopard 2a4/Leopard 2a2 tanks. Included are rules for air support in the form of the CF-188 multi-role fighter and the CF-104 Starfighter. Loft your FO’s aboard their OH-58 Kiowa’s, blast the Soviet’s with your Royal Canadian Horse Artilleries M-109 batteries, overrun their defences with your engineers and assemble either a Mechanised heavy force with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry or an Armoured heavy force comprising Strathconas Horse with their Leopard 1 or 2 tanks or the venerated Centurion MK.5’s Lavishly illustrated throughout with diagrams, photographs and easy to use tables of equipment, CANUCK! Is a must have reference work for your NATO forces. Ideally suited for COLD WAR3! It can also be used for Flames of War and even Team Yankee with no adaptations needed (only points costs for TY!) the book also includes a section on panting and modelling a Canadian force.

So, grab some Canadian infantry (any SLR armed soldiers will do), some M-113’s and Leopard tanks and go get you some Ruskies!





The army list presented in this book is primarily to be used in conjunction with

COLD WAR! Rules For Modern Warfare 1960 to 1990 (by the same author,

published by Lulu) but can be used in conjunction with Battle Front’s TM range

of rulebooks and miniature soldiers (the points costs and arsenals are

interchangeable. This book can be used with the supplements

AFHGANISTAN: Battle for Helmand Province and GULF WAR: Desert Storm

to Operation Telic -(Gulf War Mk.2)

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