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COLD WAR 3 Rules for Modern WarFare 1960-1990 Rules-Summary Sheet


COLD WAR 3 Rules for Modern WarFare 1960-1990  – PDF download


These free summary sheets are for the excellent set of rules  by Dean Wilson and are available for your download.


“The rules presented here in this 3nd Edition are completely revised and updated. This book is different from the 1st Edition in the fact that here, in one volume, you have rules for shooting, wounding, movement, line-of-sight, visibility, obstacles, direct and indirect fire, artillery and morale! This book brings your miniatures into the modern era! Included are the rules for basing and organising your squads and platoons that make up your combined arms force; comprehensive rules on artillery, Forward Observers, Forward Air Controllers, medics and Medevac, ‘off table’ artillery and fighting in the aftermaths of a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear strike. This book can be used with the set of Handbooks already published by Dean Wilson, such as CARABINIERI: Italian Military Police and the Army of Italy; BATTLEFIELD BANGKOK: Royal Thai Army and Police and FULDA GAP: The Soviet Invasion of West Germany; as well as the forthcoming titles such as THE GULF! Desert Storm to Iraqi Freedom (Op Telic) 1991 to Present and AFGHANISTAN! Battle For Helmand Province.”


These contain the rules summary sheet. This is a Free download!



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