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this is a test!!!

The Northern Flank  -

Defensive battles ,  Naval and Airborne Landings

" While many eyes were on Central Europe during the Cold War, and the associated flashpoints of the Fulda and Hof Gaps and Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, there were many other places where the Cold War flared, including some of the coldest places on Earth. Scandinavia was as much in the cockpit of the Cold War as the Frederichstrasse. The US Navy had Carrier Battle Groups hiding amongst the fjords of Norway, attempting to come to grips with the Soviet Navy and its immense base complexes in the Kola Peninsula. The US Navy and allied navies had a new strategy of projecting force right into the Soviet backyard, to destroy the missile submarine bastions, as well as their means to resupply and support their fleet. Add to that the number of airfields within range of the notional Atlantic convoy routes; it was at once an opportunity and a threat to Soviet plans. The Soviets needed those airfields to cut the Atlantic lifeline to the United States long enough to crush NATO without, hopefully, the nuclear genie being loosed from the bottle. The Soviets needed those airfields in Norway, as well as the sea room to sortie the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet to cut those routes.

The Norwegians knew this as well, and it was one of the many factors that motivated their early membership in NATO in 1948 when the alliance formed. Norway’s history had been one of neutrality in World War I, and in World War II, she had declared it again. It had proved no defence, and she at first, wound up a battleground between the Allies and the Nazis, then five years of brutal Nazi occupation. The Norwegians swore this would not occur again. (This led to a policy of not allowing any permanent foreign bases on her soil, even her NATO allies, were not allowed into the country except during exercises, or time of war).

Sweden and Norway in the 1980's was a nation of just over xxxx million. They had a small militaries of just 165,000, supported by 85,000 Home Guardsmen facing off against a potential Soviet juggernaut. There was no room for error, cowardice or even accommodation. They had seen the price Finland had paid. It was not in the Scandinavian character. So, every year, NATO came, and exercised and planned for a war that never came. "

Their Swedish and Finnish neighbours were just as willing to make the same sacrifices in the face of the same threat. Only the Finns understood the true level of that choice, having experienced it twice in her history within a space of six years. They too, if pushed, would fight, not as part of NATO, but to maintain their neutrality and their independence if required "

Jason Weiser Red Stars White Lights author


Thanks for looking at my second kick off! My first KickOff was a big success thanks to many supporters and I hope all enjoyed it. I learnt quite a lot with it and I hope to add of the feedback and lessons into this new one to make it even more slicker then ever! That includes a large investment before I start so that I can get a head start on the production and minialmise the time to get it all out. This will not include the stretch goals which I also hope to introduce! Ive a new addon to my software which will allow me to.

So the first reward will be the Swedish Army , Soviet Naval Marines and Soviet Airborne VDV  The Swedish army had  army groups with varying orbats, however Ill do my best to represent them as one force. It was typically the number of platoons and the tank type that was different.

The soviet Marines were an interesting bunch, making use of not so modern equipment unlike its army comrades. I suspect the forces they were going to go up against were not the elite front line troops of NATO, however I do believe they would be in for a nasty suprise!  The Soviet Marines used PT 76 light tanks, BTR 60's , BRDM variants and the T55 AMV. A rather cool upgrade of the T55A

The Soviet Airborne VDV are also another interesting force (a theme here!) which included air depoyable vehicles and elite soviet paratroopers. These forces were likely air dropped to take key strategic points in conjuction with the Soviet Marines. These forces include the BMD, BTR-D, Nona, UAZ jeeps and  ASU 85 which have already been created, however I thought these might be a cool addition to a Soviet force.

Another unusual and neat part of the Northern Flank was the weather!...Cold and Snow to be more precise and the Norwegians and Swedes were very much prepared with the BV series of snowmobiles! The BV202 to be precise. This will be available as a platoon and with the ATGM TOW option. A generic cold weather  crew will be suitable for any of the NATO forces.

The first goal will be forces for the  Swedish and Soviet Naval Marines/Soviet VDV Airborne (gotta have someone to fight)

Swedish Forces

Infantry Platoon

Mechanised Infantry Platoon (PBV 302)

MBT Platoon (S-tank , Centurion)

Tank Destroyer Platoon (Ikv-91)

Anti Tank Platoon (C303 with RCL)

Infantry Company

MBT Company (S-tank , Centurion)

Tank Destroyer Company (IKV-91)

Mechanised Infantry Company (PBV302)

plus some single addons and HQ etc

Soviet Naval Forces

Infantry Platoon

Mechanised Infantry Platoon (BTR 60PB)

MBT Platoon (T-55 and T-55 AMV)

Mechanised Infantry Company

Light Tank Recon  Platoon (PT-76)

ATGM Platoon - BRDM

Infantry Company

MBT Company (T-55 and T-55 AMV)

Mechanised Infantry Company

The First stretch Goal

Norwegian Forces

Infantry Platoon

Mechanised Infantry Platoon (NM135)

MBT Platoon (Leo 1A1NO )

Mechanised Infantry Company (NM135)

Light Tank Recon  Platoon (NM116)

ATGM Platoon - (NM142)

Infantry Company

MBT Company (Leo 1A1NO )

Mechanised Infantry Company (NM135)

Second Stretch Goal

Finnish Forces

Third Stretch Goal (not sure on this additional goal yet)

Nato reinforcements - Royal Marines / US Marines......

Preparation and Shipping

The models are all completed, including the S Tank, PBV 302, T55, BRDM-2  and IK 91. All models have been printed and are ready for prodution.  The first goal infantry figures are also completed and ready for production moulds and casting.   All moulds are created by a enstablished mould maker and cast by myself. With previous experiances I would suggest this will not be ready for shipping until ##\##\##. I do hope to be much ealier for many of my supporters. I now have a streamlined process and have added many lessons learned from previous kickstarters. Vehicles have been modified to speed up the resin casting, whilst retaining the realism and detail expected from my resin kits and figures. If I have a massive success then I suspect this may effect the timings, however everything is in place to help cope with any demand with extra hands at the ready if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions. I aim to add stretch goals depending on feedback! Ill try my best to do what you want to see!

Risks and challenges

Some sculpting, molding, 3d printing and casting is done out of house by established miniature manufacturing company, so I am reliant on their time and skills. I have pre booked time with these talented people, all whom have backed my project in so many ways. As with life, these people may experience delays and if so, so do I. I will do my utmost to keep to the schedules I have set, however I can not discount delays entirely. I do promise to do my very best!

Thank You



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The Northern Flank Cold War Kick Off 15mm figure and vehicle range to cover Scandinavia in the 1980's. The forces include Sweden and Soviet Marines stretch goals test - Norwegians Finns
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