Ram Company Games in Partnership with ArmiesArmy bring you great scenario packs for favorite rules. The  scenarios and orbats are all rule generic and easily modified for any scale. RCG provide several scenarios per pack with detailed forces and a map. Jason and his team contain many veterans of the forces with extensive knowledge on the forces portrayed in the scenarios. Jason Weiser the author has spent many many hours perfecting and play testing and after several hours of my own play testing, I could not resist in asking Jason if I could help supply his packs on my website and he accepted! Jason and myself have planned several packs with the first being Red Star  White Light being available now on my online store! Sometime in the future we hope to offer figures to match the scenarios to! The rules have great reviews in the brilliant SOTCW  ‘The journal’ and Miniature Wargaming magazine.


Please take a look at the scenarios and let me and Jason know what you think!


Welcome Jason!


You can find the Journal at   http://sotcw.co.uk/ and I can thoroughly recommend it! An excellent source for 20th century war gaming material

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