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This ArmiesArmy Kick it Off is a crowdfunder project for the creation of Dean Wilsons ColdWar3 in a softback A4 Full colour book!  The binding will be saddle stitched  so it will handle  the full brute force of a typical wargamer! 🙂

As you probably know the cost of creating a book is stupidly expensive and small companies like Dean find it nigh on impossible to take the plunge and create paper version of his rules. Pay per print, whilst pretty cool do not allow for any real capacity and sometimes not so great binding. Lets face it , reading  a book somehow feels better than any digital format (however pdf has its uses)!

So working with Dean we have decided to test out my new website and run  our own Kick if Off crowdfunding project! The software I use will enable to take paypal payments with all the security it brings. If the project does not reach the goal, all funds will be refunded immediately! If you'd like more details about the kick it off projects, please take a look at my website page "" or drop me a note and Ill do my very best to answer!

The aim is to fund a minimum of 110 books. The number being the those required to get the bulk discounts necessary  to make the project viable for you girls and guys to buy. Everyone supporting will get a 10% discount off the book and a digital copy of the PDF! The PDF will be supplied when the project is funded.

The Rules

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Who is Dean Wilson

Here is a little Bio written by the author himself!

Dean Wilson was born in Gibraltar and grew up in Italy to his English parents as his father was serving there. Dean can speak fluent Italian, gibberish and something that resembles English. He lives with his long suffering wife in Hampshire, (the second most prettiest county in the UK -next to Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cornwall, the Lake District, Northern Ireland and Cheshire; in no particular order of prettiest). Deans hobbies include writing wargaming books,creating doughnuts and buying 'junk' off eBay (it's NOT junk Dean assures his wife, but vitally necessary stuff he didn't know he needed until it had five minutes left to run). Dean's first book was published in 2009, The Handbook on the Imperial  Japanese Army 1937-1945. It was well received and continues to sell well, this was followed by a few other Tables of Organisation for the Far East and Pacific Theatres before he wrote COLD WAR! In 2011. This was used by the UK Joint Strike Command to simulate a dirty bomb scenario in London!

Dean has since refined the rules presented in COLD WAR! To publish COLD WAR3! Rules For Modern Warfare 1960-1990. This rule set includes complete organisational charts for both the Soviet Army (alongside the IJA a passion of Deans) and the US Army. He is hard at work finishing The British Army 1950-1990 and FULDA GAP! The Soviet Invasion of Western Germany in 1980 -a scenario supplement for COLD WAR3! Including organisational charts for the American 11th Armoured Cavalry, 3rd Armoured Division, 8th Guards Army and the West Germans. He is also working, in collaboration with Keith Armstrong (or ArmiesArmy) on the organisational charts for the DDR (East German Army) as well as the Soviet Airborne.

Dean started his illustrious career developing rule sets at the age of nine, when he invented a set of rules to use with his Timpo soldiers (called Deans Wargaming a Rules -he wasn't very imaginative at that age) and then discovered HG Well's 'Little Wars' and Donald Featherstone's 'Wargaming' and from then on was bitten by the bug! He has dabbled with everything from Bookcase Games (the kind from Avalon Hill that have card counters representing EVERYTHING) to Tide of Iron, Samurai Swords, A Fistful of Dice, Challenger 2000, A Fistful of TOWs and Axis and Allies. He grew up with Dungeons and Dragons and Games Workshop (playing Orcs and Skeletons) and Warhammer 40k (Orks!) and Imperial Guard; Space Hulk, Man'o'War and Epic (Space Marines who are secretly Orks of course!) and Lord of the Rings (Orcs of course!). Dean plays Flames of War (Soviet's, Japanese and USMC), Monopoly (always a war when he plays his wife!) and is trying to find a good set of Napoleonic rules.

Dean has a 1:1 scale Imperial Japanese Army Regiment, including support, in 1:72nd scale as well as the following armies in 1:72: USMC, US Army, British & Commonwealth for the Far East (Singapore, Hong Kong and Burma), Nationalist Chinese, Colonial French, Thai and Russian. In 28mm (Bolt Action & modern day skirmish) French Indochinese Forces, Vietnamese, US Army (Vietnam & Modern), Iraqi Army, Muslim Insurgents, British Army (WW2), Ghurkas, Chindits, Japanese and Thai (WW2) and for modern he has British Army (including 3 Lynx helicopters, a Chinook and a Merlin) as well as Soviet's (modern and WW2) and WW2 German Partisan Hunters. In 15mm he boast a large colonial force including Mogul opponents with no less than six elephants, Modern British, American, Soviet and East Germans as well as a sizeable (and growing) West German army. For Napoleonics, both in 1:72 and 28mm he boast a huge early period French army and a sizeable British Army and Jacobite army for Culloden.

Deans books to date include:

The Handbook on Imperial Japanese Forces 1937-1945

The Handbook on Ntionalist Chinese Forces 1937-1946

The Pacific! USMC and IJA forces for the Pacific 1940-1945

FIRE FIGHT! Modern Day Skirmish Rules (for any scale from 15mm to 28mm - includes two full TO&E for the US Army and the Viêt Cong)

The Carabinieri, Italian State Police and Army 1980-Present Day

The Royal Thai Army and Police, 2000 to 2014 (including the red shirt protests and the southern insurrection with the Muslim extremists)

COLD WAR3! Rules for Modern Warfare 1960-1990

In the pipeline and ready for imminent release is:

The British Army 1950-1990

FULDA GAP! the Soviet Invasion of West Germany

The VDV! Soviet Airborne Forces 1960-1990

The National Volks Armee, The East German Army 1960-1990

AFGHANISTAN! The Battle for Helmand Province

GULF WAR! Fighting in the Gulf, 1991 to Present (a supplement to COLD WAR3! Including US, British and Iraqi TO&E for the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars)

RED STORM! The Soviet Invasion of Iceland (a scenario book for COLD WAR3! Including full TO&E for the Soviet Airborne, Naval Troops and the USMC)

DAYS OF INFAMY! WW2 Pacific and Far East Skirmish rules (includes an IJA and Commonwealth TO&E -compatible with the Pacific line of books and suitable for any scale from 15mm to 28mm)

Plus a few other scenario books in collaboration with Keith Armstrong of ArmiesArmy to expand upon the growing WW3 range of miniatures and near future supplements.

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