‘Kick it Off’

In a nutshell ‘Kick it off’ is my way of recreating crowdfunding. Why don’t I just use one of the popular ones? Well its simply a matter of cost and control. A significant portion of the crowdfunding 10-15% goes directly to the crowdfunding site. This can be put to much better use actually making figures at a lower cost! All my kickstarters are created to cover production and overhead costs of the items. My theory is once the kickstarter is covered I then have a new line for many years to come. This also helps you get a better reward for you support!
Secondly the crowdfunders are a little controlling. I have one month and not one day more. It also does not allow me to provide better rewards in offering similar items I already have available on my site. My own crowdfunder allows you to pick crowd funder items and anything else that I have associated with it like scenario books, figures or other future items :).

I can also run big and small crowdfunders. The traditional big crowdfunder like my British  and much smaller niche ones for single vehicles if need be. A good example would be the FV721 Fox Armoured car…..which will coincidentally by my first small funder. Think of the small ones being a sort of ’50’ club were you give me the idea, I create a 3d model of it and then soon as i have the first 50 orders I go and make them. The fact I have the model ready , I can print,clean, mold and produce the item all within 4-6 weeks ( in theory) The fact its small means I don’t get swamped and nor do my resin producer!
Another good reason is that this tool gives me the ability to understand what people want. I am one man shop with the usual real life costs so anything I invest really needs to succeed as otherwise I can not reinvest. I have a business plan were every single penny is currently reinvested into armiesarmy. The kick it off allows me to have a higher chance of success. If the project does not reach the required funding (break even) then Its fully refunded and I try another line 🙂

Finally this tool also helps me provide a service to my partners. Now this tool is available to them as partners, so all the good things above I can offer to them also! I am pretty confident you will be seeing one of my partners using this very soon!


I imagine the question how safe is it, is rather important too! Well I’m using a well known woo commerce plugin which is what nearly all online shop people now use. Its safe and secure and user passwords etc are all encrypted. For transactions I am using paypal as per my own shop. Paypal terms of conditions apply! If any project does not succeed all funds are returned instantly without cost! I simply use the paypal 90 day returns service for no cost.

So how do you use it?

Well I will have several links to the kick it off projects on my site.  You can follow the menu tabs or right hand side toolbars and it will lead you to current project. From this you will see the relevant project information and a series of awards which you can select on.

Support Now button


If you click on the support now button a lightbox will appear with the list of rewards (dropdown) you can choose.

Choose your award


On selection of the next step you will be taken to your order details and shipping details.  At this point you can choose to pay via paypal or continue to add additional rewards from the kick it off campaign. Simply follow the same menus and add another item.

Order Details



You are also offered the option to view your basket. The shopping cart will show your items and the numbers of each item you have selected.

Shopping Cart


And that is about that! The tool bars will keep you updated with progress and I will keep you updated with regular updates. Each project will have an update page at the bottom of it and a FAQ. Emails will be sent to supporters with any updates or gained stretch goals!

Finally thanks again for looking and supporting me! I hope I provide you the minis you like and want to see 🙂

Best regards